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Leadership Values

At A-dec, we strive to provide a quality environment where people work together for the betterment of dentistry worldwide.

The A-dec Way: From the time A-dec co-founders Ken and Joan Austin were hiring their first employees, they held firm to a set of principles that continues to guide the company today:

  1. Concern for People
  2. Provide opportunities and assist in self-development
  3. Provide an atmosphere encouraging self-satisfaction and pride
  4. Encourage team effort
  5. Maintain complete fairness, honesty and integrity
  6. Maintain open consistent and regular communication
  7. Encourage public service
  8. Encourage creativity
  9. Commitment to productivity and quality
  10. Maintain consistency
  11. Dedication to improvement
  12. Keep things simple and basic
  13. Build on the basis of "need"
  14. Attention to detail
  15. Conserve resources