A-dec Dental Equipment Donations

A-dec Dental Equipment Donations

In 1964 A-dec's founders created a working philosophy to promote a sense of community and a commitment to support schools and dental professionals who help the margins of society. While some may recognize this as a case of doing the right thing, we view our dental equipment donation program much simpler than that. We give because we want to.

Because of the number of donation requests, A-dec has established eligibility requirements based on the greatest need among qualified candidates.

Are you eligible to receive a donation?

North American and international requests are considered. Also note that a large portion of the available equipment has been used in the United States and is configured to U.S. electrical standards.

Equipment is available periodically and may not necessarily meet any specific need or schedule.

Recipients are required to sign a donation agreement before taking possession of the equipment.

If you're able to answer "yes" to all of the following, we invite you to proceed with the application process:

  1. Is your organization a non-profit with a current year IRS tax exemption?
  2. Do you offer free services to your patients?
  3. Are the service providers for your organization qualified dental professionals?
  4. Is your facility open for service at least 40 hours a week, 50 weeks per year?

Steps to Become Qualified

To begin the process, please provide the following information, in writing, to the A-dec Donation Committee.

  • Non-Profit Status — Organizations must maintain a non-profit status. Please indicate how your agency is funded, and include the following: financial statement, budget documentation, your most recent Form 990 filing, and a copy of your IRS tax exempt form.
  • Number of Patients — Indicate the number and type (children, homeless, elderly, etc.) of patients served and information about whether any of the patients are charged for service.
  • Personnel Using the Equipment — Enclose a list of personnel who will use this equipment (dentists, hygienists, dental students, etc.), including the number of volunteer hours provided by dental professionals during the past 12 months. Also indicate whether any of the dental personnel are reimbursed for the services they perform.
  • Equipment Usage — We would like the donated equipment to be utilized on a year around basis. Please indicate the hours of the day, and the days of the week, that the equipment will be used. Include the type of equipment you are requesting and the voltage requirements, as well as the type and age of equipment currently being used.

In addition, include any brochures or organization-pertinent information. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call 800.547.1883.

Mail or Fax your information to:
A-dec, Inc.
Donations Committee
2601 Crestview Drive
Newberg, OR 97132
fax 503.538.0276