Dental Delivery System | A-dec 300 Traditional Delivery System
A‑dec 300 Traditional delivery system

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A-dec 300 Traditional Delivery System. Infuse Technology Into Your Dental Operatory.

A‑dec 300 Traditional delivery system

Challenge: Older dental equipment doesn't allow you to take advantage of the latest technology.

Solution: A-dec 300 Traditional delivery system.

The A-dec 300 Traditional delivery system attaches to any A‑dec dental chair, as well as chairs from other manufacturers so you can easily upgrade your dental operatory with state-of-the-art technology.

A‑dec 5 Year Warranty
Backed by a 5-year warranty.

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A‑dec 300 Traditional delivery system
Internal integration: Small on the outside, big on the inside. The compact design makes it easy to maneuver. The innovative control block allows you to integrate everything you need including handpieces, electric motors, ultrasonic instrument, curing light, or intraoral camera.

Streamlined control of your entire system: The A‑dec 300 deluxe touchpad and foot control combine to provide streamlined control of your handpiece, integrated accessory, dental chair, and dental light functions.
Reliable: A simple design that does more with fewer parts. A‑dec 300 brings you exactly what you need with an added bonus–it's from A‑dec so you know it's built to last.
A‑dec 300 Traditional delivery system
Delivery system styles:
  • Radius system. Rotates around the front of the chair so it's easy to switch between right- or left-handed operators. Mounts on A‑dec 300, A‑dec 400, or A‑dec 500 dental chairs.
  • Post-mount system. Allows you to mount the A‑dec 300 delivery system to the A‑dec 300, 400, 500, and most legacy A‑dec chairs along with chairs from many other manufacturers for dedicated right or left handed use. 
Innovative 3 or 4-position control block design. Results in the industry's most reliable air-driven component with fewer parts, stronger corrosion-resistant materials, and a unique water flow system that eliminates stagnant water where bacteria can grow.
  • Balanced flexarm with air brake or manual height adjustment. Provides easy positioning and total stability.
  • Pivoting, centrally mounted control head. Directs handpieces toward the oral cavity to minimize your movement.
  • Self-contained waterline maintenance system. Includes a 2-liter water bottle, an innovative control block, tubing made with AlphaSan, and the revolutionary ICX waterline treatment tablet for worry-free waterline maintenance.
  • Data Communication System (DCS). Enables reliable two-way communication between system circuit boards, which allows monitoring of all system functions; auto-detects new modules.

A‑dec 300 Deliver System
A‑dec 300 deluxe touchpad

  • Color-coded buttons grouped by function for easy operation
  • Offers four programmable chair position buttons, dental light button with high and composite settings, and cuspidor bowl rinse and cup fill buttons
  • Easily integrates accessories including up to two A‑dec electric motors
  • Endodontic capabilities (requires A‑dec electric motor)

A‑dec standard touchpad

  • Color-coded buttons grouped by function for easy operation
  • Offers four programmable chair position buttons, dental light button with high, medium and composite settings, and cuspidor bowl rinse and cup fill buttons
Note: No touchpad is also on option.

Integrated options
Electric Motors
Intraoral Cameras
Curing Lights
Ultrasonic Instruments

Warm Water Syringe

Saliva ejector

  • Add to your delivery system for an all-in-one hygiene package
  • Available only on the A‑dec 300 Radius-style Traditional delivery system with manual height adjustment
Integrated fiber-optic system

  • Provides independently adjustable voltage settings for up to four handpiece positions.
Lever Foot Control

  • Precisely modulate and control electric handpiece motor speed
  • Rest foot during operation to relax foot and leg 
  • Intuitive wet/dry side-to-side operation and chip blower/accessory button keeps focus on the patient
  • Encourages ergonomic “athletic stance” positioning 
  • Compatible with A‑dec 300 and A‑dec 500 delivery systems

A‑dec 300 Wet/Dry Foot Control

  • Varies speed with foot pressure from any position
  • Controls coolant water via on/off toggle
  • Works with air turbine or electric handpieces
  • Available with Chip Blower/Accessory Button