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A‑dec 500 dental light

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A-dec 500 and 6300 Halogen Dental Lights. Consistent. Balanced. Precise.

A‑dec 500 dental light

Challenge: Dental lights with improper contrast or bright spots can impair your ability to clearly see tooth surfaces. This can cause eye fatigue and decrease your productivity.

Solution: A-dec 500 and 6300 halogen dental lights.

The A-dec 500 and 6300 dental lights provide balanced lighting with proper contrast and a neutral color temperature so you can accurately perform procedures without eyestrain. This increases your stamina and allows you to provide your patients with your best quality dental care.

A-dec 5 Year Warranty
Backed by a 5-year warranty.

A‑dec 500 dental light

Superior optics: The A-dec 500 and 6300 dental lights provide a balanced light pattern with ideal contrast for a clear view of tooth topography. A neutral daylight color temperature allows accurate color/shade matching and tissue analysis.

Precise dental light positioning: With a third axis of rotation (diagonal), you can position the dental light so it fully illuminates the oral cavity no matter the position of the patient's head.

Dental light control flexibility: The A-dec 500 and 6300 dental lights' On/Off functions activate automatically with the dental chair preset positions. You can also use the local toggle switch or the convenient A-dec 500 touchpad controls.

A‑dec 500 dental light
  • Third axis of rotation (diagonal). Lets you angle the light head precisely where you need it.
  • Precision-balanced flexarm system. Results in exceptionally smooth positioning.
  • Three light intensity settings. Includes high, medium, and a composite/low setting that reduces the chance for premature composite curing.
  • Auto On/Off function. Turns the dental light on automatically when the chair reaches the treatment position and turns it off in the entry/exit position.
  • Touchpad control. Allows you to toggle between two intensity settings as well as turn the dental light on and off.
  • Convenient spare bulb storage area. Provides you with quick access to a replacement bulb on the back of the dental light. 
A‑dec 500 dental light

Mounting locations:  

Chair-mount (A‑dec 500)

  • Radius-style mount for A‑dec 500, A‑dec 400, and A‑dec 300 chairs

Support center-mount (A‑dec 500)

  • Mounts to A‑dec 500 and A‑dec 300 support centers

Ceiling-mount (6300)

  • Mounts to ceilings from 8' to 12' (2,438 mm to 3,658 mm) in height

Track-mount (6300)

  • Mounts to ceilings from 8' to 10' (2,438 mm to 3,078 mm) in height

Wall-mount (6300)

  • Folds against the wall when not in use
  • Includes a laminate backboard

Cabinet-mount (6300)

  • Folds above a dental cabinet when not in use