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A‑dec|W&H dental handpiece air motors

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A-dec|W&H Air Motors

A‑dec|W&H dental handpiece air motors

Challenge: How do you know you'll have ample, easily controlled torque from a long-lasting air-driven motor?

Solution: A-dec|W&H air motors.

A-dec|W&H air motors are characterized by dependable torque and a long lifespan. Power can be controlled smoothly in both forward and reverse drive, and our air motors are engineered for lightweight comfort and quiet performance.

They are suitable for all straight- and contra-angle ISO E-style handpieces and are available with or without light and coolant.

A‑dec|W&H dental handpiece air motors
High-torque air motors you can count on: A‑dec|W&H air-driven lowspeed motors give you high-torque power up of to 25,000 rpm. The motors are lightweight with a fixed- or swivel-connection and provide smooth, quiet performance.

Next-generation LED or halogen lighting that shines the way: Why would you just need to see when using your highspeeds? Now when you finish the prep you can see what you have been missing. Good for you and your patient.
Standard connections simplify your practice: All A‑dec|W&H motors connect to any manufacturer's ISO E-style attachment and any manufacturers ISO delivery system tubing.
A‑dec|W&H dental handpiece air motors

Choose the right motor based on the turbine power, the connection and whether you need the handpiece to be lighted, fixed- or swivel, or straight or contra-angled.

AM-25LT air motor: Includes halogen light, spray coolant, and connects to the RQ-24 Roto-Quick coupler.

AM-25 air motor: Non-lighted and operates at 5,000 to 25,000 rpm; this series connects to the RQ-24 and RQ-04 Roto-Quick coupler.

AM-25RM air motor:
Non-lighted E-style with a 45 psi drive air pressure. This motor has a fixed back RM connection (no swivel) which connects directly to the delivery system tubing.

AM-25A air motor: This non-lighted option includes spray coolant and connects to RQ-24 and RQ-04 Roto-Quick coupler.

AM-25A RM air motor:
Also non-lighted, this fixed-back motor is designed with spray coolant to better clear debris from the bur improving visibility, cutting efficiency, and patient safety.

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