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Alegra dental handpiece attachments

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Alegra Attachment Collection

Alegra dental handpiece attachments

Challenge: Ready to explore the latest technology and be assured of long-term adaptability? And isn't it time to work more comfortably — and comforting — with a system designed for a full range of applications?

Solution: Alegra attachment collection.

From A-dec|W&H, Alegra attachments for any ISO E-style motor give you workhorse dependability with the flexibility to choose additional features such as LED lighting as your needs evolve.

Whatever the procedure, there's a proven Alegra solution to equip your clinical toolkit with an attachment you can rely on for years to come.

Alegra dental handpiece attachments

Solid precision to build your practice: With the range of ratio speeds, LED lighting and coolant, you're able to add to your repertoire in a way that will serve you well into the future.

This is a system that is compatible with every attachment in the A-dec|W&H product range, whether for general restorative, hygiene, or endo applications. Why stop what you're doing when you can equip your treatment room with the right attachment for the right procedure at the right time?

Own an affordable solution that's backed by proven technology: You know what you need. Alegra is the solution for doctors who recognize how precision equipment translates into optimal care and those who understand that for dependable technology you shouldn't have to break the bank.
Alegra dental handpiece attachments

The Alegra attachment collection gives you a full range of treatment options with a fully compatible ISO E-style connection. The gear-driven attachments give you optimal performance for both highspeed and lowspeed applications.

Highspeed examples include gross enamel reduction, crown removal, shoulder margin refinement, tapering, contouring, cutting retention grooves and undercuts, occlusal adjustments, and more.

Lowspeed application examples include carries removal, defining, shaping, smoothing of preps, and trimming and contouring of preps in oral cavity. The possibilities continue. Ask your A-dec|W&H specialist about additional applications.

Alegra WE-99LED G attachment: 1:4.5 highspeed attachment with Alegra's innovative (and long-lasting) self-generating LED light and the enhanced visibility and safety of triple spray coolant which is optimized for ease and efficiency.

Alegra WE-99A attachment: A unlighted version of the highspeed Alegra attachment.

Alegra WE-56LED G attachment: 1:1 lowspeed attachment with the self-generating LED light and coolant which is optimized for all your finishing needs.

Alegra WE-66LED G attachment: 4:1 lowspeed attachment includes self-generating light, plus greater torque with the (2.35 mm) push-button chuck for latch burs.

Alegra WE-57 attachment: 1:1 lowspeed attachment for a 1.6 mm friction grip bur, this is the lowspeed attachment you'll want when minimizing bur inventory is a requirement.


Alegra WE-56A attachment: 1:1 lowspeed attachment is a solid option (40,000 maximum RPM) without the light but with the added vision and safety of coolant spray.

Alegra WE-56 attachment: A 1:1 ratio (lowspeed) with the 2.35 mm push-button chuck.

Alegra WE-66A attachment: A robust 4:1 decreasing ratio (lowspeed) with the push button chuck for 2.35 mm latch burs.

Alegra WE-66 attachment: The 4:1 decreasing ratio with the larger diameter chuck, but without any of the extras, such as spray and light.

Alegra HE-43A attachment: Straight-angle attachment, single port spray with the twist-tension 2.35mm chuck. Use the spray port with or without water to clear debris and improve your vision during extra oral adjustments.

Alegra HE-43 attachment: Use with 2.35mm lab type or latch burs, the chuck is twist-tension style.

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