A-dec Electric Motors
A-dec Electric Motors

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A-dec Electric Motors

A‑dec|W&H dental handpiece electric motors
The challenge is not having a smooth and versatile low- to highspeed motor integrated right into the delivery. Is it too much to ask for a dependable and powerful system that's easy to use, and enhances the entire treatment-room experience?
Solution: A-dec electric motor systems.

A-dec electric motors give you powerful, yet quiet, high-torque as well as a full selection of unitized attachments for anything from highspeed gross reduction and lowspeed precision finishing, to specialty endodontics.

It's the world's smallest, lightest electric system that can be completely integrated into your touchpad and delivery system. No external power supplies or bulky modules: just pure and powerful cutting precision - right at your fingertips. And with two motors, you can perform both highspeed and lowspeed procedures without having to change attachments.
A‑dec|W&H dental handpiece electric motors
Big power that's small, lightweight and seamlessly controlled from your touchpad: Gain exceptionally smooth cutting power with less vibration, more torque, and more precision than current air-motor systems. Whether you need the right motor for highspeed gross reduction and lowspeed precision finishing, A-dec has integrated and table-top options to make everything easier.
Innovative advances create ease and lasting value: Smarter for your practice, safer for your patients. With an electric motor that is 2.8 oz (79 g) and 1.85" (47 mm) long, you're not merely reducing hand strain and improving maneuverability, but the elegant engineering means less maintenance and no lubrication required to extend the life of your investment.
A‑dec|W&H dental handpiece electric motors

Fully integrated with your touchpad and delivery or tabletop, you're still gaining incredible precision for everything from restorative procedures to sophisticated endodontic care. By having the smallest, lightest electric motors a hand touch away, you're elevating maneuverability and reducing hand strain.

A-dec EA-52LED electric motor: A fully integrated electric motor that combines endodontic capabilities with superior LED lighting. So now you get power, precision, and reliability plus daylight quality LED light for improved vision throughout the entire treatment area.

The EA-52LED motor fully integrates into the A‑dec 500 and A‑dec 300 delivery systems. Get efficient, simplified control of motor functions and settings with the A-dec deluxe touchpad and foot control.

As part of our commitment to offer upgradeable technology, there's a convenient upgrade kit available to convert existing EA-50LT and EA-51LT halogen motors to LED lighting.

A-dec EA-30 electric motor: This is your optimal choice for restorative dentistry. It's a fully integrated motor without the endodontic capabilities. You're assured quiet, comfortable precision plus attachment options for highspeed, lowspeed, contra angles, and straight. And when used with select Alegra handpieces, you're equipped with superior LED lighting.

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