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Synea highspeed dental handpieces

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Synea Highspeed Collection

Synea highspeed dental handpieces

Challenge: You're weary of handpieces that fail to light up the oral cavity with consistent brightness, color clarity, and comfort - for you and your patients. 

Solution: Synea highspeed collection.

By combining the most advanced LED and handheld comfort, the A‑dec|W&H Synea collection gives you all the vision, illumination and maneuverability you'll ever need. You want trouble-free options? Synea LED+ gives you dependable performance to make your life easier.

Synea highspeed dental handpieces
Exceptional control, vision and feel: The Synea sensation begins the moment you hold it in your hand. Solid and lightweight. A head that's smaller than ever and engineered with a well-placed LED that lights up the oral cavity with the diffused brightness of daylight. And yes, comfortable. More than you thought possible.

Dependable performance, outstanding visibility: The electronic control system eliminates any fluctuation of illumination. Expect consistency, regardless of the delivery system or voltage.

Combine torque with pure precision: Combine all the power you'll ever need for working with today's restorative materials. Start a procedure, and the difference continues. Powerful, yet quiet. You'll experience the next-generation turbine and the most advanced LED options that work together in one simple-to-use system to give you the best possible patient outcome.

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Synea highspeed dental handpieces

Synea TA-97LED+ highspeed handpiece: With its small head and next generation LED, this is the handpiece for unprecedented light diffusion and brightness.

Synea TA-98LED+ highspeed handpiece: Get a whopping 20 watts of output. And if you're seeking maximum reach, it's the ideal to accommodate extra-long burs.

Synea TA-97LW highspeed handpiece: Penta Spray (5-port) for efficient cooling and a clear view; includes fused glass optics.

Synea TA-98LW highspeed handpiece: With its standard-size head, this is the handpiece that doesn't skimp on power; includes fused glass optics and the bulb located in tubing or from a Roto-Quick coupler option.

Synea TA-97LM highspeed handpiece: For versatility, this handpiece is designed for Multiplex-style coupling systems.

Synea TA-98LM highspeed handpiece: Adapts to Multiplex-style coupling systems and includes the Penta Spray (5-port) for efficient cooling and a clear view.

Synea TA-97 highspeed handpiece: The non-LED option. More power, yet with a beveled-shape to improve the view, and smooth-rolling Roto-Quick swivel connection.

Synea TA-98 highspeed handpiece: Offers the same next generation turbine technology as the other Synea highspeeds, but without light.

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