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ICV vacuum-line cleaning system

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ICV. Vacuum-Line Cleaning Made Simple.

ICV vacuum-line cleaning system

Challenge: The recommended daily vacuum-line maintenance schedule isn't always maintained since many vacuum-line cleaning methods are messy and take time.

Solution: ICV vacuum-line cleaning innovation.

ICV helps your staff save precious time and effort-all while extending the life of your vacuum system.

ICV vacuum-line cleaning system

Simple 3-step operation: Just connect the HVE and saliva ejector to the ICV, open the valve, and press the start button. In two minutes or less the vacuum lines are purged.

Safe: The tank design with easy-carry handle and secure lid eliminates the potential for chemical spills when transporting the tank between fill ups.

Protects your vacuum system: Because the ICV is so simple to use, the daily vacuum-line maintenance schedule recommended by vacuum pump manufactures easily becomes routine.

ICV vacuum-line cleaning system
  • Two minutes per cycle. Cleans vacuum lines quickly and efficiently.
  • Integrates right into your cabinetry. Provides you with easy access to ICV.
  • Easy-to-fill tank. Allows you to safely add cleaner and water.
  • Compatible with most cabinets. Requires minimum cabinet module dimensions for fluid tank storage 7" W x 20" D x 21" H (178 mm x 508 mm x 533 mm).