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ICX waterline treatment tablets

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ICX Waterline Treatment Tablets. Simple. Effective. Affordable.

ICX waterline treatment tablets

Challenge: Waterline maintenance protocols should be convenient and easy to use. Not all are.

Solution: ICX waterline treatment tablets.

Backed by four decades of infection control innovations from A‑dec, ICX waterline treatment tablets offer a simple, effective, and safe solution for waterline maintenance.

ICX waterline treatment tablets

Easy-to-use: Simply add one tablet to an empty self-contained water bottle before each filling. As the tablet dissolves, it releases ingredients into the water to maintain dental unit waterlines and prevent accumulation of odor and foul taste bacteria.*

Saves time: The effervescent tablet dissolves on its own. There's no measuring, mixing, or mess.

Safe: Since the concentration of ingredients in the water remains very low, ICX is safe for your patients, your team, and your equipment.

Long-lasting: Residual effect of the tablets protects waterlines during periods of non-use (lasting up to two weeks.)

*As with all waterline protocols, quality results require adherence to the manufacturer's recommended process, including a periodic water quality monitoring program.

ICX waterline treatment tablets
  • Three active ingredients. Includes sodium percarbonate, silver nitrate, and cationic surfactants.
  • Simple single-dose packets. Eliminates measuring, mixing, and messy solutions.
  • 0.7-liter and 2-liter tablets. Accommodates two water bottle sizes.

Peer-reviewed studies on effectiveness have been published in JADA (Vol. 135, June 2004) and the Journal of Clinical Dentistry (Vol. XV, No. 1, 2004). Contact A-dec customer service at 1.800.547.1883 or 1.503.538.7478 for reprints.

Also available from ADA: Professional Product Review, Volume 2: Issue 2 Spring 2007, "Dental Unit Waterline Cleaning Products".

Please note: Public health claims made in these articles are the conclusions of the study researchers and do not represent the claims, views, or opinions of A-dec.