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Lisa MB 17 water steam sterilizer

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Lisa Sterilizer. Highest Standards of Protection.

Lisa MB 17 water steam sterilizer

Challenge: An effective drying cycle is imperative to protect handpieces and instruments from corrosion and to prevent re-contamination. Some sterilizers skip the drying cycle risking damage or re-contamination.

Solution: Lisa MB17 water steam sterilizer.

The Lisa sterilizer dries materials in a post-vacuum cycle so the finished load remains sterile and corrosion is eliminated. Items are cool to the touch and can be safely removed for immediate use or storage.

Lisa MB 17 water steam sterilizer

Effective: The pre-vacuum cycle evacuates contaminated air from the chamber. Then the vacuum pulls hot steam through all areas of the load. The load is then dried in a post-vacuum cycle to complete the sterilization process.

Simple to operate: The intuitive touch screen and easy-to-follow menus help you select the appropriate time and cycle.

Easy to maintain: The front service door provides convenient access to the power, water tanks, and filter.

Lisa MB 17 water steam sterilizer
  • Double-locking electric door. Opens with a simple touch when sterilization process is complete and the load is both sterile and dry.
  • Three Class B (hospital grade) sterilization cycles. Provides the highest standards of sterilization for all types of loads: solid, hollow, and porous.
  • Large capacity. Offers a 17-liter stainless steel chamber so it's big enough to handle large loads.
  • Stainless steel reversible tray. Holds 5 instrument trays or 3 cassettes.
  • Intuitive touch screen and display. Results in fast, easy operation.